Reasons Why A Professional Web Design And Development Firm Use Templates To Build Websites

Websites are not just for online presence, they play a more important role of being your brand ambassador, your PR, and most importantly, a key lead generator. They are the first point of contact your customers may have with your business and form an important part of your branding and marketing strategy.

Points to consider before deciding on professional web design and development firm

Like in other major business decisions, it is important to apply enough thought and research well before making this decision of professional web page design. Identifying the needs and requirements of your business will give you a good idea of whether to go for a template based professional web design or not.

  • What is the model of your website – is it for a personal use like a blog or is it going to a website for your business?
  • What is the budget divided for this activity and the timeframe you are looking at?
  • Does your website need a lot of dynamic modules like a shopping cart or other plugins?
  • Does it need to be unique? Does it need to be an extension of your branding strategy?
  • What are the features you absolutely need to have?

Now, there are a few ways you can get your website up and run. You can either choose to use templates that are readily available or engage the services of a professional web development firm or web page designer or take the mid ground and opt for a combination of both.

Professional web design and development firm – Usage of templates

Website templates are nothing but pre-made web designs that available online for free or at a minimal fee. A plethora of them is available with different themes, color’s, and fonts. While some of them allow a certain level of tweaking and customization, most of them don’t.

Advantages of using templates to design your professional website

Speed – Designing professional web pages using templates can be done very quickly, almost in a fraction of the time as compared to custom development. This is very useful if you are an individual, freelancer or a small enterprise who wants to create their web presence fast.

Cost – Most of the templates are either free to use or are available at a minimal cost. This is a huge advantage for SME’s or individuals who may have budget constraints.

The wide range of options – You will be spoilt for choice, as there are an incredible number of themes or templates – from simple to complex, static to dynamic – are available to cover all kinds of needs. Since the web pages can be created with minimum or no tweaks, your site can go up and run in a matter of days or even hours.

Transparency – Since the templates are pre-built and you can view before downloading or purchasing, there is no confusion between what you see, what you want and what you get.

Back end – Most of them come with an easy to use back-end.

Ease of usage – Most of the templates come with multiple sample content layouts or placeholders i.e. WordPress Themes, you can choose one from the available layouts and you can easily replace it with your own content. The real advantage of using the templates is that you need less coding or technical knowledge to use it to design a web page as compare to custom design website.

Navigation – As they are pre-built, navigation among the various pages is easy and smooth, thereby avoiding issues like broken links or flow problems. Moreover, it also gives a uniform appearance among all the pages.

Decisions and decisions…

As with any tool, this method has its own drawbacks too, like limited customization, lack of uniqueness, etc but a professional web designer and developer can work on the drawbacks with their technical skills to carry out your dream website design.

If you are a busy startup owner, who cannot allocate time for this kind of decision-making, the best alternative is to choose the right professional web design and development firm that can do all the work for you. They will be able to suggest the right kind of templates, with the right kind of features, and the ones that match your budget and time scale. More importantly, they will be able to provide content that is SEO optimized for you.

So, go ahead and do your research to find the right tech partner who possesses the experience or ability to do template based professional website design and development for you.

Or, simply, you can just get in touch with our sales team at Ocean Software Solutions, who are carving a niche for themselves in template based professional web design and development.

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