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How Does Social Media Impact Your Business in 2023


Social media has drastically changed over the years, despite the fact that initially it was only used to share ideas and information for fun. It now plays a significant role in e-commerce. The success or failure of a business could even be determined on the basis of a company’s social media marketing. The following passage discusses the impacts of social media on a business in detail.

Positive Impacts:

  • Brand awareness increase
  • Specific target audience
  • Increased reach
  • Website traffic increase
  • Customer engagement improvement
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Customer insights
  • Marketing and promotional cost reduction


Brand awareness increase

Being known to customers is the starting step of a business journey. Any business intending to make transactions should first put itself before its customers. In today’s world, social media is the prominent place a potential customer visits to look out for a product or service. Hence, it becomes a powerful medium to have a business presence. When a business is on a social media platform, it has the ability to reach a wider audience than any other platform. It also paves the way for its existing customers to have already discussed the business on those mediums. When a potential customer looks out for a product/service that the company offers on social platforms, those discussions could, in turn, influence his buying decisions. A good reputation on social media could give a business a competitive edge over its competitors. Furthermore, if a company has updated actual data about its products and testimonials, this could also help it make business.

Specific target audience

Let us suppose that a business has made its presence on social platforms. This random presence on social networks alone would not do the trick of the trade. The next step that follows is targeting the audience. Nobody would be interested in buying a product for the sake of a company that offers it or that they have unintentionally come across the product. They should be in need of the product, only then will there be commerce. This puts the company in a place of looking for the ones that are in need of its products. It has to specifically target such audiences / potential customers who are more likely to do the trade. It can be attained by looking out for users with the product’s buyer persona - an attribute that determines which type of audience is more likely to buy the product that a company offers. It could be targeting a specific age group of people, job titles, or financial status. Once a company has found out who they are, it needs to identify where they hang out more, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. In this situation, looking at the competitors could also prove to be helpful. Through the above research, a company can target a specific group of audiences who are potential customers.

Increased reach

One of the essential factors that a business should consider is increasing its reach. Expanding the reach also means an increase in the number of potential customers. With the advent of social media platforms, this has become a piece of cake for businesses to attain. It is just that a business should have the right cards in its pocket. On social platforms, there are many ways that a business can increase its reach. A few of those ways are listed below:

Using hashtags - all that a business has to do is to list a set of keywords that users would look out for while searching for the product, and use them for appearing to potential customers.

Posting regularly - regular update on social platforms is yet another effective for a company to reach its target audience organically. Though it is time consuming, the benefit it offers is worthwhile.

Paid advertising - unlike organic reach, it is about paying money to appear in front of your target audiences / potential customers.

Giveaways - people always love free stuff. When you give something free, it is more likely for them to remember you or your business. It attains the brand reach that you target.

Website traffic increase

Engagement is an essential factor in directing visitors to your website. The appropriate usage of social media can achieve this. All that you have to do is create engaging content and share it with the users at the right time. You should know the optimum situation and time that result in the higher active engagement of targeted users. Additionally, you should know the platform that your potential customers / targeted audiences use a lot. When you have sorted out that, it eases the task of attaining your customers’ attention. You can even use automation tools in scheduling the optimum posting time that lets you get maximum reach. In addition to that, you can also share excerpts of your content. Excerpts are a minor portion of your content that is displayed to increase the readers' curiosity. That curiosity could eventually be used in redirecting the users to your website where they get the complete information. Another important and easy way to redirect visitors is the bio-section that most social platforms offer. You can use this section to add your website link. When a user visits your social profile, it could let him easily come to your website.

Customer engagement improvement

Loyalty is one aspect that would always retain your customer in the long run. But how do you attain loyalty from your customers? It is by providing value to your customers. By all means, this is not an overnight task. It takes time and effort for a brand to gain loyalty from its customers. It can be achieved by actively interacting with your customers. In a society that is ‘Me’ focused, all that it takes for you is to just be interactive with your customer. It makes them feel important, or considerate. While regularly updating, and interacting with your customers, it is vital that you build a personality about your brand. This can be achieved by having a consistent theme and pattern for your posts. It distinguishes your brand from other brands and lets you stand out to your customers or potential customers. Another thing that could increase your customer engagement is to regulate your posts on a social platform. It lets your customer anticipate your updates, and when they are provided with what they are looking for, they will likely take action. One of the other major factors that let a customer take action is feeling connected to the brand. In addition to regular updates, letting customers know what happens behind the scenes could be highly influential. Posting content where you update what happens in your work environment – like updating the celebration that you have in the office, or the effort that goes into the making of the products – could give your potential customers the feeling of connectedness with your brand.

Conversion rate increase

Providing customers with a seamless user experience is as crucial as making sales. As social platforms are competing in providing their users with a rich user experience, it is a necessity that a company should optimize its content and profile for them. Good swipe-able, and scroll-able content on a platform has more retention score as it eases the user with regard to going through the contents of the page. Though factors such as these might seem trivial, they are crucial in making conversions. In addition to them, adding video content about a brand is a major factor in increasing the conversion rate. It basically increases customer retention. When a user comes across a post in the form of an image and video, it is highly likely that he would spend time noting what a video has to offer. Through video content, a company can show off its products which could provide information that is necessary for a user to take action. Including a compelling call to action is yet another factor. This can be added in either the bio of a company’s social handle. The company has to experiment with different innovative techniques in making a user take action. It can be done by using different captions that could let a customer take action, but the important thing is that it should not be salesy. Being salesy, in most situations, repels the users from converting. The inclusion of social proof on your social handles is another way to increase conversion through credibility.

Customer insights

The motive of every business is to provide its customer with what they are looking for. The problem is that the business should first be aware of what is it they need to focus on. In order to do so, they need data. Social media is one such place to offer data. These platforms have their way of collecting data and categorizing them.  Let's suppose, the users are conversing about a particular brand on social platforms, it helps the brand know what their users are talking about them. This data is called ‘customer insights’. When a business knows what its customers are talking about, in other words, what its ‘customer insights’ are, it can take effective actions that help the brand grow. A company can get its insights from social media comments, posts, or forum discussions. It lets a business optimize its products as per the requirements of the customers. It sometimes could also be used to create offers and benefits. When a brand knows what its potential buyers are talking about, it puts the brand in a position to alter its strategies in increasing sales. For example, if potential buyers feel that a product that the business offers is pricy, the business can take into consideration of its potential buyers’ opinions. As mentioned above, these customer insights have the ability to increase the sales of a business with the data that they offer.

Marketing and promotional cost reduction

In a digitally driven world, it is imperative for a business to market itself on the Internet. The rise of social media has taken the world by storm - especially in recent years with regard to the way they are being used by users. Whatever might the businesses be - whether they be small or big -, they have started their online and social media presence. It is because of the factor that they have been used for - marketing. In today’s world, the possibilities of marketing a product have increased in ways that a decade ago people would not have imagined. To top it off, that too at a cost way cheaper than traditional marketing. If a business wants to market itself, it could do so cost-effectively by choosing the right platform. Choosing the right platform allows them to target their potential customers specifically and also helps small businesses compete with large businesses in their sector. All these have been made possible with the help of social media platforms. Successful social media marketing lets a business targets its potential customers specifically and keeps the customers engaged by arousing their interest in the product or service it offers. It is done on different platforms, letting a business have a wider reach than traditional marketing practices at a lesser cost than traditional marketing businesses.


To sum it up, any business can be at the top of its industry, if it employs the right techniques and strategies on social media. All that it takes is a little bit of patience and consistent effort in promoting its brand with the right strategies until it reaches its target audience.


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