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Why should a website be the most important factor for your business?


A business can be made accessible from anywhere, and at any time with the help of a powerful technological advancement called ‘the internet’. In this internet era, the success of a business depends on its availability online. The online availability of a business, through a website, is as crucial as the products/services it provides. Websites act as the medium for an owner to share his ideas and products with the potential customer, and to interact with the customers. Irrespective of the size of a business, a website has become a deciding factor in the success of a business. In this writing, let us discuss the importance of a website for a business.

Creates awareness of a brand

If you want to sell your product or service to anyone, it is necessary that they are either aware of what you have to offer, or that they are in desperate need of your product or service. Either way, you get the conversion if you target the right audience. To do so, it is necessary that the potential customers are aware of your business. Business (brand) awareness is all about the familiarity of a brand. To create familiarity, a brand should showcase what it is and what are its beliefs. When a business does this, it gains the trust and influences the buying decision of its potential customers. This is where a website comes in handy for a business.

Online platforms, these days, are far more effective in building brand awareness than any other platform. In that case, when a company has its online presence on different social platforms, each platform could redirect its visitors to the company website. This traffic could then be converted into buyers. In addition to these, a website of your business can show your customers who you are and what you stand for. This lets you stand apart from your competitors.

Establishes the credibility of a brand

People are usually concerned about the product they buy, especially when they want to buy it from an unknown person. It has only deepened in this digital era, where people have no personal idea about whom they are buying it from. In this situation, a buyer always looks out for another person or someone who has already bought the product. The one source that they land on to learn about the prior experience of another user is the search engine. When they land on a search engine, if the search engine shows positive reviews, it is likely for them to believe the credibility of the product and make the purchase. In certain other scenarios, if the user is still not satisfied with the reviews, he may want to know more about the product. This is where a website acts as a crucial deciding factor in sales.

When a business has a website, it shows that it is the real deal by showing its legitimacy. In addition to that, if a business has a website that is highly attractive and easily navigable, the customers are inclined to trust the business. As mentioned above, if a business has a website, it could create a good first impression. Eventually, that impacts the credibility of a business.

Generates more leads and sales for a business

A website is filled with information that a potential customer/user wants to know before making a purchase. Hence, when a user wants to know about the product or service you offer, there is no better place than a website. A website, specifically assigned to express the services/products you offer, could educate your users about your business. It is surveyed that when users search a query on a search engine, 92% of them select the result that is displayed on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page.

When a business has an effective website that is optimized for Search Engines, it is highly likely that the company is to generate leads. Above all, the visitor who comes to the websites could also be a potential customer with specific needs. When a visitor from a search engine is directed to a website with the specific intention of buying, sooner or later, it is more likely to create sales. The information of those visitors can be collected on the page, and can, then, be followed. These potential customers, who are otherwise called leads, could potentially be your customer.

Enhances the availability of a business - 24/7

A business' availability was limited by time in those days when there was no internet. Whereas these days, with the advent of the Internet, a business can be made available 24/7 through a website. If a business wants to update its customers about a new service that it brings in, or any offer that it provides, it can do so on its website. A website can be used as a means to keep customers updated on an instant basis.

When a business has 24/7 availability, the likelihood of retaining customers and improving its ROI is high. It is because when a business is available all the time, it indirectly implies that it cares for its customers. Another advantage of the 24/7 availability is the geographic flexibility that it provides. If a user / potential customer wants your product/service, he can make the purchase irrespective of the location and time. Even if he is not purchasing, he can still get your contact details for future purchases.

Helps in tracking and analyzing potential customer data

If a business wants to succeed, it is essential that it knows its customers inside out. It should know who the potential customers are, what their job roles are, what their pain points are, and what is the optimum solution for them. When it knows all of this information about its customers, its target becomes specifically focused on its potential customers. This saves the business a lot of time and effort that otherwise would have gone in vain. When it knows who the potential customers are, it can broaden the category of customers that it should target.

This can be achieved with the help of a website. When a visitor comes to a website, the data is tracked and stored in the analytics. With the help of analytics data, the visitors can be targeted and retargeted, also the website can be optimized to perform better. It in turn brings in a lot of visitors when optimized better for the search engines. Ultimately, it positively impacts the sales and conversion that a business seeks.

Assists with effective marketing and customer engagement

Whatever a business might be, it is crucial that its focus is on marketing its products/services in order to sustain and succeed in the market. If it wishes to place its mark and be known by its potential customers, marketing becomes the crux of the process. When it has been marketed and known by potential customers, they will look out for the brand’s online presence. This is where a website comes into play. In addition to that, if you already have a business that is doing well but you want to expand it, a website is crucial.

A website could give you an edge over your competitors in engaging with your customers and making sales. When a customer is engaged with the contents of your website, it is possible that he is interested in your product/service. Evidently, a website acts as a primary factor in digitally marketing your product/service. Whether you want to do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), or any other form of digital marketing to bring in business, it is a necessity that you have a website.

Saves time & Improves customer service

When a person looks out for a specific service that a business offers, he intends to get his needs met or at least his queries answered. In situations such as this, if a business has only a brick-and-mortar store with an availability restriction, it dissatisfies the potential customer. In other situations, if a customer has made a call, but the business cannot respond to his call, the business with the customer is lost here. To counteract such situations, an easy and effective solution that a business can have is a website.

A website that contains all the necessary information that a potential customer would ask for will save a lot of time for both parties - The customer as well the seller. Eventually, it would let the staff be focused on other internal operations of the firm that could enhance customer service/customer experience with the business.

Acts as Social Proof for the brand

The website of your brand could serve as a platform to showcase your excellence. This is a platform that you strategically design as per your decision. If you have the statistics and figures to back up your accomplishments, a website is the best medium to attract your potential customers. In general, people are more likely to take action if someone else has already taken action. In that way, a business can make use of reviews and testimonials to increase its visitors and boost its sales. In addition to that, a website can also act as a space where you update the live notifications of sales that happen.

With social proof on a website, such as the above-mentioned, the probability of users taking action is also high.  A business can leverage this aspect of a website to its advantage and eventually increase its sales.

Increases ROI of a business

It ought to be highlighted here that having a website holds the potential to increase the ROI of your business. Despite the fact that website development and maintenance cost you a bit at the start,  the benefits that it produces, in the long run, are comparatively high. Though it does not happen on a whim, it certainly does happen if you constantly optimize your website for a search engine. It is the best place that a customer could gather information about the business and is one of the credible sources that would let the customer take action into buying the services or products. Eventually, it will increase the ROI of the business.

As mentioned above, these are a few of the many reasons why a business should have its website. If you are looking to develop a website for your brand/business, look no further - reach out to us.

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