Concept Development

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Concept Development

Concept Development is a term that encompasses all those activities that are carried out before coming up with a prototype of a new product or service. It starts with the generation of original ideas to solve a particular problem and then extends to other stages like extensive initial research, wireframe development, design specifications, design evaluation and mock-up. The idea is to make sure the final product achieves maximum success once launched in the market.



Idea Generation / Brain Storming
Coming up with unique, original ideas that can solve a problem or create a need, is something that requires critical thinking.This can only come through experience and wisdom, which we have in plenty at Rorko technologies. Our creative minds work together to give you the perfect solutions that can be turned into successful products or services.

Initial Research
While there could be many different options to solve a problem not all might work well.
Extensive research needs to be conducted to find out the feasibility of such ideas. We have all the resources, expertise and the experience to gather all the information that is needed to decide on the perfect product that can be launched in the market.

Wireframe Development
A professional wireframe of your concept could work as the starting point when it comes to the creation of your product or service. It gives you a clear idea about how your final product would look once it is developed. We make use of advanced technology tools to develop perfect wireframes that can be the basis for prototype development.

Design Specification
Having a clear idea about the kind of benefits you want to provide through your product is very important if you want your product to be successful. We focus on elaborating the features of your concept and highlighting the unique selling points of your product that will enable you to enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

Design Evaluation
A thorough evaluation of the design is something that will make sure your product turns out exactly the way you had planned during its conceptualization. Our creative and technical teams put together all their skills and efforts to critically examine your design so that the effectiveness of your product can be improved to the maximum extent.

Concept Validation
No concept is perfect until it has been validated thoroughly and analyzed critically. Qualitative as well as quantitative methods need to be used to evaluate the responses of the users regarding the concept of the product before the final product is launched in the market. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to concept validation.