Monthly Website Maintenance Packages / Plan

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Ocean Softwares offers an excellent  Monthly website maintenance packages are affordable and cost effective, we are one amoung the website maintenance companies in Chennai, India. our monthly / annual website maintenance plans includes all website maintenance services like website updates, image or text modifications, new dynamic features,seo service, website backup, website redesign, mobile compatibility,  browser compatibility,website backup and malware removal service. website maintenance package is affordable for small and medium enterprises. By annual website maintenance package, we take care of the entire gamut of operations right from keeping your website in google first page results for your important keywords.

Our website development company well equipped to deliver quality services in time everytime. One point communication (OPC)  through our online order management tool client portal, uniquely designed by our experts, to manage orders, time line, iterations, job assigning and support ticket, client can manage multible website maintenance & SEO projects in one login.

Annual Website Maintenance Package

20,000 per annum

Team Allotted: Web Designer, Web Programmer, Graphic Designer

Scheduled Time / Updates: 3 Hours per Month / 20 Updates per annum.

Yearly Maintenance Includes

  • Content text changes
  • Project changes
  • New Project additions
  • Project image uploads
  • Pricing changes
  • Additional pages
  • Fixing broken links
  • Addition of links
  • Changes in the navigation menu
  • Contact detail changes i.e. name, address, e-mail etc…
  • File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video

Terms and Conditions:

Turnaround Time: Website maintenance requests are submitted via our Support Portal. Depending on the complexity of the request, the job will be completed in minimum time.

Payment: Full Payment to be paid only in advance

Services NOT covered in Annual Maintenance Packages are

  • Dynamic functionality
  • Major design change
  • Content Writing
  • Creating new Advertising material

Note: Client Will be charged which one occurs first, either the number of hour’s / number of Updates crossed

Monthly Website Maintenance Package
Packages Startup Professional Business Enterprise
Website Maintenance Features Monthly Maintenance
per Month
Weekly Maintenance + SEO
per Month
Daily Maintenance + SEO
Per Month
Daily Maintenance + SEO + Social Media
Per Month
Team Allotted Web Designer, Web Programmer Web Designer, Web Programmer, SEO Analyst Web Designer, Web Programmer, SEO Analyst Web Programmer, SEO Analyst, Dedicated Data Entry Operator, Social Media Expert
Scheduled Time 10 Hours per Month 8 Hours per Week (30 Hours / Month) 2 Hours per day (60 Hours / Month) 2 Hours per day (60 Hours / Month) +
Data Entry Operator 8 Hours per day
Work Website Content Updating, Html page (up to 10 pages) Website Content Updating, Html page (up to 20 pages) Website Content Updating, Html page (up to 50 pages) Website Content Updating, Html page (up to 80 pages), SEO On Page / Off Page and Social Media updates.
Payment Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly
Backup Monthly Maintenance Weekly Maintenance Daily Maintenance Daily Maintenance
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