There are different types of websites hosted in the internet based on their attributes and usage, it can also be classified into many types which is useful to categorize the websites. Some of their major types are as follows


The brochure is the information type website that carries the information of certain business or company at online to promote the business by sharing their service or productdetails on the website.  Brochure websites need to be user friendly along with attractive designs it can be developed to reach more audience in the best way at online


Blogs are the informative websites that can be updated regularly comes under different categories to share the information in a digital medium. Blogs can be a personal  for small groups or informal to a wide range of audience handled by an individual or more persons where information is organized effectively for easy usage


ECommerce websites are used to sell our products or services in that we can able to sell as well as to get the money through payment gateway is the advantage of this website.For small business owners in the form of retailers or wholesalers can utilize the eCommerce platform to sell their products. Even a group of sellers can sell their products in a single place like a market also possible at online.


Portal is the collection of different types of  information with multiple functionalities in a single place which can be accessed by different people internally inside the organization.It usually has login facilities having access to utilize the dedicated content by the users.


Educational websites provide study materials or the information about the courses offered by the institution. Most of the institutions also conduct live teaching programs through their online education portal. It becomes the virtual library as well as the virtual teacher for the benefit of students

Non profit

Some non profit organizations make the online presence of their website for crowdfunding and to receive donations through the payment gateways from all over the world. It can also be used to share the details about their contributions and the current project needs.

News or Media

News websites are designed to share the current affairs of the particular region or about the particular domain. Media websites cover all most many types of events in a visually effective contents such as video and audio format to share the information especially to entertain the people

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